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Established in 2014 in Vancouver, BC Canada, Canina investment is a diversified and complex international investment institution. We provide professional, personalized project management and consultation services to our clients, and are committed to providing “one-stop” business consulting, fundraising, capital and project management services to a wide range of clients including corporations and high net worth individuals.

We value long-term relationships with our customers to build mutual trust. By grasping the core demands of our customers, we provide targeted and effective project investment customization solutions with leading expertise deep industry research background and wealth of project experience. Therefore, provide strong support for the development of customers' business.

As a multi industry company group, our businesses expanded throughout North America and Asia. Real estate development, project investment, education, international trade, e-commerce, retail business and cross border companies in other fields.


The project investment market is a market with great potential, full of charm, full of opportunities and challenges. Our resource follows a sincere, harmonious and optimized cooperation system which is the fundamental guarantee for a win-win situation.   Canina Investment is very sincere and has a close relationship with each customer. We strive to provide services to each customer with a win-win goal while sharing resources.

Canina Investment recognizes the importance of integrity to the development of enterprises and society, and puts integrity in all aspects of the company's business activities.   We guarantee the system to establish a long-term mechanism for building integrity.   At the same time, we use the professional analysis team of financial experts locally and abroad as the backbone of the professional analysis team to accurately position in the global investment market, tailor-made suitable portfolio solutions for each customer.


Canina Investment combines advanced vast experience at home and abroad, integrates existing resources and investment models through a platform to meet the increasingly diversified needs of customers. Provide high-quality and differentiated services, and adhere to the interests of customers first, and strive to enhance customer experience, initiative change, innovation and development.


Canina Investment will seize opportunities to work hard to open up and update the traditional investment concept, and work together with financial experts at locally and abroad. The client is committed to tapping and investing in potential emerging industries to build a more extraordinary capital market and achieve a “one-stop” customized service platform.

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